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Product Name: TypinGuide 2012
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2 Sample Video lessons included here to help you judge the quality training that comes with this course:




Who needs Touch Typing Skills? The need for Touch Typing skills is no longer limited just to office secretaries. Programmers need them to be able to type and edit lines of code fast enough to remain in sync with their thought process. Students need Touch Typing Skills to avoid wasted time when doing homework and reports on almost daily basis. Everyone needs Touch Typing skills especially now that communication by email has become so prevalent. Touch Typing skills make you productive on any task involving computers.

Simply stated, touch Typing is the name of a special skill that enables one to "touch" the right key directly without having to look at the keyboard first. That being the case, a Touch Typist is able to 'touch type' the right keys even with his/her eyes shut. But how could one type without looking at the keyboard?

The answer is simple.

When an image of the keyboard is inside the mind, this image is sufficient to guide the fingers to the right keys. This works in much the same way a "mental" image of the Streets and Avenues can guide us to different places in the city even though we do not see those places until we get there.

But is there any simple and fast method for "memorizing" the keyboard layout? Yes! there is,  and, 'Touch Typing Video Training'  will show you how.

'Touch Typing Video Training'  will demonstrate a simple yet a powerful (scientifically-formulated) method for getting an image of the keyboard permanently engraved into your mind. With an image of the Keyboard inside the mind, it becomes a MAP that your fingers learn to use to get anywhere on the keyboard, even with the eyes shut. So with no time wasted LQQKing for the next key, you will be able to touch type at an amazing speed.

'Touch Typing Video Training'   comes in 2 modules.

While the first module takes care of getting the Keyboard Map into your mind, the second module lets you practice Touch Typing guided by this Keyboard Map now permanently implanted into your brain.

'Touch Typing Video Training'   is loaded with 30+ Hands-On video lessons, with one lesson recommended every day.

Each Hands-On Video lesson has been designed extremely carefully to ensure that after every lesson your fingers get better at "connecting" the keyboard image in your mind with the actual physical keys on the keyboard. With all typing Drills designed in this manner, you will find your Touch Typing skills getting better every day.

'Touch Typing Video Training'  comes with a variety of audio files including both music and relaxing sounds from nature to entertain you during every Typing Drill. Its special interface also allows you to play your own music files if you so desire.
Based on its 2 modules -  'Touch Typing Video Training'  - is a total solution for acquiring Touch Typing skills in as little as one month.

With Touch Typing skills you become more productive for employers. Get your copy of  'Touch Typing Video Training'  today and have Touch Typing Skills added to your resume immediately.

Runs on PC on all current versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7)