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Course: >Learn All About Computers in 4 Days
Instructor Name: TBA
Price (US$): 450.00
Course Location: Our Flushing (Queens) Office
Course Start Date: On Demand
Course Duration: 4 days + Free Practice week (Call for Details)
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Remarks: Class Code: CLDP-GC-00
Course Contents

Take a moment to review the broad spectrum of topics listed below, and you will be convinced that they are absolutely aimed at making you an absolute computer expert.

Never again will you ever feel helpless when a problem arises. Imagine the enormous savings when you do not have to seek outside help to diagnose and fix your computer problems. But benefits from this course go far and beyond just savings.

Becoming a computer expert lends you a sense of confidence that eventually leads to increased productivity both at work and at home.

NOTE: Our tutors will come to your Home or Office only if you are within 10-15 miles of our Flushing (Queens) Office. Also, if street parking is difficult in your area then you will be expected to arrange easy parking for our tutors. All training lessons will be provided on Tutor's laptop. You will be responsible for providing distraction-free environment for all training sessions at your Home or Office. If you want to include your staff in the training sessions, then it will $99 extra for each additional employee or person.


Topics to be covered in this course:

How computers compare with humans?

► How Computers work?

Types of Computers Available 

Introduction to Microcomputer with focus on Personal Computer (PC)

Anatomy of a PC with focus on CPU, Memory and Hard Disk drive

Introduction to Optical (CD, DVD) and other Storage Media types (like USB flash drives, etc)

Common I/O ports on a PC and some common devices that connect to them

Some common PC peripheral devices like scanners and printers

Taking care of Laser printers (eg. changing toner, preventing & fixing paper jams)

What is a computer Program?

System Programs Vs Application Programs

Introduction to Windows Operating System (OS)

Becoming familiar with Windows GUI

Introduction to PC Keyboard

How the Mouse functions?

Interacting with Windows GUI using Mouse and Keyboard

Operating a computer by interacting with GUI

What is Touch Typing and how to learn to type without looking at the keyboard?

All about entering and editing text (including Block editing)

Creating & Editing a Document with a Word-processor

Learning special commands for Capturing screen data

How to share data between different programs and applications

Introduction to Hard Disk Management

Introduction to Files, Folders, and pathnames

Common file types and their relationship to common Applications

Introduction to Windows Explorer

Managing Files and folders in Windows Explorer

Introduction to File management interface available within Application programs

Most common File management examples (for creating and opening files, saving, copying, moving, deleting, and Printing files, compressing/decompressing files, and more!)

How to archive or store data on CD/DVD

Introduction to Internet

Introduction to some useful websites like Download.com

How to search for special programs on the Web?

How to Download and Save files?

How to install programs?

How to un-install programs?

Introduction to some useful third-party Utilities (Screen Capture, pdf, video, etc) and how to get them and install them on your PC

What are device drivers? How to install device drivers?

Installing a Printer driver for a new Printer on your computer?

Becoming familiar with email

Sharing and sending files via email

Basic Introduction to Home/Office networks

How to setup a simple wireless network?

What to look for when shopping for the right computer?

How to set up your new computer right out of the box?