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Product Name: Camera-Monitored Employee Time Clock
Price (US$): 19.95
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This simple but innovative program from CSI, Inc. works with any generic WebCam offering a perfect solution for employers trying to cope with “un-punctual” or “dishonest” staff. This program will put an end to employees trying to cheat on their Attendance records. Especially when the Employer is not present, this program is like an Employer’s dream come true.

By photographing each employee when he/she Clocks IN or Clocks OUT, and then saving each photo with a current Date and Time stamp, buddy favors are immediately eliminated. Buddy favors tend to be a common practice among employees where one employee Clocks IN or Clocks OUT for another employee. If you do not obliterate this “dishonest” practice right away, it can become a big loss for your business in quite a short time. Imagine how much you can save by deploying this program at your office, shop, or any work place. For just under $20 you will start saving right away by not having to pay employees even a single penny they did not deserve. Not only will this little investment eradicate all dishonest practices from your business, it will also help your business grow as employees are disciplined to become increasingly punctual at work.
The benefits of this great product continue even further. Apart from making your business more profitable, this Camera-monitored Employee Time Clock can help you streamline your business in other ways as well!
For example, it allows you to create and maintain detailed records of all employees working in your office. Whenever, the Attendance Report is generated (eg. for Audit, Payroll, or any purpose), all relevant information for the employee would be automatically extracted from the database and appended to the report. All information pertaining to employee biodata as well as their attendance is kept in a single database file, allowing easy backup of Employee data. Although this product is designed for use by small businesses, there is really no limit to number of employees it supports.
The Attendance Report could be generated for any time interval spanning days, weeks, months, etc. which makes this system perfectly scalable, and therefore adaptable to any Pay Period. An employee's Total work-time (for any selected pay period) is displayed as a decimal value in units of Hours. Knowing the Total Hours leads easily to Total Wages based on an hourly pay rate. It could'nt be any simpler!
Apart from letting you print the Attendance Report for any arbitrary time period, the program allows you to export and save the Attendance Report in electronic (PDF) format. Which means you can ask your employees to email you a copy of this Attendance Report in case you are not in the office. This feature of the program allows you to monitor your staff attendance even when you are not in the office.
Q: How easy is it to install and use the program?
A: Extremely easy. With the Video demos helping you through each step of the way, it could not be any easier.
Comprehensive set of training videos replace the conventional text-based user manual. Every aspect of the application is vividly demonstrated on the screen. Watching these quality videos will enable you to get started right away.
As if this was not enough, a separate video series is included for the purpose of training your staff. Titled, “Self-Training Videos for Employees”, relieves you of the burden of training existing employees or any new employees that join later. After watching this self-training video series the employees will be ready to use the program in matter of minutes without any additional help from anyone.
Next, comes this Great bonus included free with the program. You get a complete Video Surveillance system that you can use with your webcam for protecting your office during Off Hours. When your office is closed, this Video Surveillance Program will look though the eye of your web cam for any moving object. Upon detecting motion, it will start capturing pictures of the moving object and save each one of them to your PC. You can pre-configure the application with several options so that it can be adapted for any kind of scenario. To protect surveillance data (in case the intruder decides to walk away with the host PC), the application could be easily configured to save pictures of the moving target over the Web to a remote computer in any part of the world. With captured images stored off-site the intruder will never be able to reach hands on them. Not only do you get a copy of the free video surveillance program, you also get a video demonstration of all the steps to setup this video Surveillance program at your office or at home.
Imagine the peace of mind you get to experience when you know your office has an electronic eye looking out for intruders.
Purchase your copy today and discover for yourself how a little investment can make that big difference you always wanted to see in your business.
Runs on PC on all current versions of Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7)