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About Us and Our Mission

TutorIndeed.com is owned and operated by CSI, Inc.  

At CSI (Courseware Solutions International, Inc) we see ourselves as leaders in developing cost-effective solutions for students in various disciplines with our main focus being  Math and Science.  We at CSI Inc. know it well, that not only is education essential to the functioning of society and our communities, but it is how we fulfill ourselves and realize our dreams, for the benefit of ourselves and our families.

All students deserve access to affordable tuition when they need it. Students should have choices that help them achieve their full potential, without limitations. Too many students drop out from schools because of the challenges they face and difficulties obtaining help.

At TutorIndeed.com we truly believe that “a Tutor in need is a tutor Indeed!”.

Tutoring can help place self-improvement within everyone’s reach. Our vision includes facilitating that process. One of our top priorities is helping students get the right tutor who can provide them with the quality tutoring assistance they are entitled to. With our in-classroom or online tutoring, students can benefit hugely from skilled tutors who can provide assistance on a subject with complete and comprehensive test preparation.

While designing our course modules we had a variety of questions in mind. For example, what are the challenges facing students today? What are the solutions? How can we help in providing those solutions? The manner in which our courseware products and services have been planned and implemented represents our responses to these questions.

Our attention is on you and your needs. We’d like to hear your feedback and your ideas for content and features that will help us improve our website and the tutoring services we can offer you.